“Pavane Op. 50” (Fauré) 432 Hz Pythagorean Tuning

pavane-432hz-fauréPavane Op. 50” is a composition by Fauré that will be part of an upcoming CD, which will be composed of Integral 432 Hz Music. This is a research work that I have been pursuing for some years with which I intend to find the connection between music, math and awareness. For example, this song is recorded in he Key of E minor, a scale that has distinct emotional characteristics and interacts with the frequencies of the sixth Chakra (the third eye). The beautiful and expressive melody of Fauré allows music to talk to our emotions and express them with deep listening. Music is composed and recorded so that the frequencies are as natural as possible, thanks to the knowledge of mathematics of life that is explained in the last book I have published: “Integral 432 Hz Music“.

“Everything that exists is vibration, including us. Music that accords with the basic frequencies of life resonates and gives us positive energy, in particular by stimulating emotional states and brain waves. This famous Pavane by Fauré has been recorded so that the vibrations and the main features of music are tuned to the frequencies of 432 Hz integral music using the Pythagorean scale”.


Link to the original article


VIDEO: Pavane Op. 50 (Fauré) – Pythagorean Tuning 432 Hz – Enzo Crotti


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