“Pachelbel’s Canon in D” – Integral 432 Hz

Pachelbel Canon 432 hzMathematics is the basis of all life, from DNA to large star systems. The music is nothing more than a metaphor for life and can be created in a very natural way. In my version of “Pachelbel’s Canon” I have taken care of every detail so that everything is based on the mathematics of life. Ionian and Mixolidian modes of D, tuned to 288 Hz were based on special tuning with Pythagorean and Ptolemy frequencies, so that also note A is tuned to 432 Hz. The frequencies are all tuned as multiple of 8 Hz which is a frequency meditative and beneficial. Even the time of this version of the Canon for classical guitar is chosen specifically to reflect and interact with these same frequencies. The Blue color of the video projected behind me, wants to match the fifth chakra to the key of D, and the images are chosen to call its own characteristics of the fifth chakra: Vishuddha, the “pure”. I call this my way of making music “Integral 432 Hz Music“. Happy listening.

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VIDEO: “Pachelbel’s Canon in D” – Integral 432 Hz


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